How To Call Estonia From USA? Save Time and Money

You may know that Estonia is the least religious country in the world. However, you don’t know how to call Estonia from USA, right?

Whatever your purpose is for the call, you can be sure that you’re visiting the right page to learn about the topic. 

In this article:

  • Calling a landline number in Estonia.
  • Calling a mobile number in Estonia.
  • Some alternative calling methods to save money and time. 
  • My suggestion.

How To Call Estonia From USA?

How To Call Estonia From The USA
How To Call Estonia From The USA

Shortly: to call a landline number in Estonia from USA: Dial 011 (US exit code) + 372 (The country code for Estonia) + then dial the landline number. 

To call a mobile number in Estonia from USA: Dial the US IDD number (011) + country code for Estonia (372) + finally, dial the mobile number. 

How do I make an international call to Estonia?

To reach a landline number: 

  • Dial 011.
  • And then 372.
  • Finally, and the landline number with the right area code that can be found online or from your recipient. 

To reach a mobile number: 

  • Dial 011.
  • After that, type 372. 
  • Finally, type the mobile number in Estonia including the mobile code. 

Landline and SIM Card Service Providers in Estonia

There are some reputed landline and SIM card service providers in Estonia that offer countless features for better communication.

Elisa: It is one of the leading telecommunications companies in Estonia and offers mobile and fixed line voice and data services to both private and corporate customers. 

Tele2: This one is a Swedish telecommunications company that also offers mobile and fixed line voice and data services to both private and corporate customers in Estonia. 

Telia: Telia is a Finnish telecommunications company that offers the same services to both private and corporate customers in Estonia.

What To Consider When Calling Estonia From Us?

When making a call to Estonia from the United States, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, Estonia is in the European Union, so the country code is +372. 

To make a call to a landline in Estonia, dial 011 + 372 + the local number. To call a mobile phone, dial 011 + 372 + the mobile number. 

If you are calling from a mobile phone, you may need to add the + sign before the country code. The exit code for the US is 011.

Considering the time zone in Estonia is also an important thing because you may not want to call a person in a sleeping time. 

Estonia observes daylight saving time (DST), so the time difference between the two countries will change depending on the time of year. From late March to late October, the country is 1 hour ahead of the US.

When calling Estonia from the US, you will not be charged any long-distance fees. However, your mobile phone provider may charge you for an international call or roaming. 

So make sure you have talked with the service provider before hitting the calling button. 

You can avoid these charges by using a VoIP service, such as Skype or Google Voice.

Should I learn about Estonian culture to talk to someone there?

Every person is different and will have different opinions on the matter. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide whether or not you want to learn about the Estonian culture before talking to someone from that country.

However, if you know a little bit of their culture or language, it will be a bonus point for you to make a better conversation with the person you’re going to reach in that country. 

How Much Does It Cost To Call Estonia?

You’re asking a dynamic question as price always depends on countless subjects. Since I’m talking about the calling price of making a conversation to Estonia from US, this is not exceptional. 

The cost of making a phone call to Estonia depends on the country you are calling from and the type of phone call you make. 

If you are calling from the United States, for example, a regular phone call will cost you about $0.21 per minute. 

On the other hand, If you are making a video call, the cost will be about $0.31 per minute depending on the service provider. 

In the meantime, If you have an unlimited calling plan, the cost of the call will be included in your monthly bill. 

If you don’t have an unlimited calling plan, you will be charged per minute for the duration of the call. I will recommend you to select an unlimited plan if you need to call frequently in Estonia.

You can also use a calling card to make a call to Estonia. Calling cards can be purchased at most convenience stores and gas stations. The cost of the call will depend on the calling card you purchase. 

If you are looking for the cheapest way to make a call to Estonia, you can use a VOIP service such as Skype or Rebtel. Both of these services are free to use if you have an internet connection.

These services can be used as alternative ways of reaching your Estonia-living recipient. 

They will charge a low-cost for a long-term conversation with the receiver. However, you have to use their apps and buy an international plan.

My Suggestion: 

You’re at the last moment of knowing how to call Estonia from USA. With this in mind, I would like to suggest to you the best method. 

See the table below:

Traditional  It will charge a good amount of money depending on the service provider.
Free Apps Totally free method but you have to create an account and set up a profile that will consume your time and mobile data.
VoIP Services Cheap method but will require to install an application and buy a plan with your card.

I will suggest you to go with either a free app like WhatsApp or a VoIP service to save money!

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