How to Call Eritrea from USA? Everything You Need To Know

Eritrea is considered one of the world’s most impoverished countries. However, do you know how to call Eritrea from the USA? 

I know your response will be no because our education system does not educate us on that kind of topic. 

However, with a little reading from this post, you can learn the right and proper way of making an instant call to Eritrea from your country. 

From this post, you’ll know-

  • How to call a local mobile number in Eritrea
  • How to reach a landline number in that country
  • Some free and cheap methods.

How to Call Eritrea from the USA?

Format and example of calling Eritrea from the USA

Before calling your Eritrea from your location, ask the recipient to know about the service that the receiver is currently using.

The recipient can use either a landline or mobile number service based on the city in Eritrea. However, you can simply ask the recipient for the service name and the number as well. 

Other Needed Data: 

After knowing the service name, the next thing is to make sure that you know the country codes for both countries, US and Eritrea because country codes are the first and required data needed for an international call. 

  • 011 is for the US, and 291 is for Eritrea. 

After this, you have to remember that dialing 1 is required after the landline number if you’re going to reach a landline, and 7 is for a mobile number. 

Now follow the rest: 

To reach a landline number in Eritrea from the US: Dial 011 + 291 + 1 + and the landline number. 

To reach a local mobile number in Eritrea: dial 011 + 291 + 7 + and the mobile number. 

Make a Charge-free Call to Eritrea from the USA:

Eritrea is also a booming country in the case of increasing the number of internet-based apps users. 

So if a US-living person would like to use an internet-based app to reach Eritrea instead of going with a phone call, it would be the best decision as the sender can save the money. 

According to my research, some of the most popular internet-based calling apps in Eritrea include WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Viber, and Line.

Although you can go with all of them, my suggestion would be to use the WhatsApp mobile application as the app is lightweight and simple to use. 

If you haven’t used such an app before, you can also take an action and start using it today by following some basic introductions. 

Simply install the app and create an account by following the screen-based steps. Once the first steps are completed, save the recipient number and tell the recipient to install the same application. 

If everything goes, you’ll be able to see the recipient’s number and profile on your WhatsApp profile if the number is properly saved on your phone. 


What to Consider Before Calling Eritrea from the USA?

You’re going to take your phone call to another country. So knowing some important things can help you to complete the conversation perfectly. 

Some important things to consider before calling Eritrea from the US include the following:

The purpose of the call: the purpose of calling Eritrea from the US could vary depending on the person making the call. 

Some potential reasons for calling Eritrea from the US could include wanting to speak with family or friends who live in the country, checking in on business associates or colleagues, or making travel arrangements.

The Eritrean culture and customs: Eritrea is a country located in the Horn of Africa. The place is connected by Sudan in the west, Ethiopia in the south, and Djibouti in the southeast. 

Eritrean language: The Eritrean language is a Semitic language spoken in Eritrea and northern Ethiopia. The Eritrean language is closely related to the Tigre language, with which it is mutually intelligible.

The best time to call: The best time to call Eritrea from the US is at night. This is because the time difference between the two countries is +3 hours.

The best method for the call: It will depend on personal preferences and opinions. Some people recommend using a calling card to Eritrea from the US. 

While others suggest using a VoIP service. Eventually, it is up to the person to determine which procedure is best for them.

Final Words: 

Don’t make the process of calling Eritrea from the US too complicated by following some difficult methods, such as buying a calling card!

Instead, know how to call Eritrea from the USA by following either the traditional way or the latest methods such as using an internet-based app or purchasing a VoIP service. 

While the traditional method will charge you a lot, the internet-based apps will save you whole money.

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