How To Call Ecuador From US? What’s The Right Method?

We know calling an international number isn’t a difficult task. however, when it comes to answering your query of how to call Ecuador from US, the process might be a little different from others. 

Don’t worry because we’re going to help you make a successful call to Ecuador from US and give you some tips on how to dial the right international calling format for that country. 

Let’s get started!

How to Call Ecuador from US? 

Simply dial the US IDD code(011) and then dial the country code of Ecuador. the next step is to dial the 7 digits local phone number of the person you would like to call in Ecuador. 

the given short-calling method in Ecuador from the US is quite easy to follow. however, since your recipient can use the phone number or landline number, the process of calling a phone number and a landline number isn’t the same.

How to Call an Ecuador Landline Number?

To call an Ecuador landline number, an area code is a must because a landline number work by an area code to identify the calling location. for a successful call, make sure you know the accurate area code of the recipient living city. 

You can ask the recipient to tell the code via email or any other method, and don’t forget to ask for the landline number as well as the area code. 

Here’s how:

  • Dial 011 since you’re from the US. (if you’re in another country, you’ll need to dial your country code).
  • After that, dial the country code of Ecuador (593). 
  • Dial the one-digit area code after 593.
  • The last step is to dial the landline number and press the calling button.

What’s the Free Method of Calling Ecuador From US?

The world has changed a lot over time and the change brings us so many benefits to live on the planet. A lot of free and open-source platforms are widely available to communicate with other people from world’s one corner of the world to another corner. 

By thinking of free calling opportunities for people, Apps like WhatsApp or Skype offer the best free calling and messaging service worldwide.

Don’t think free calling is low quality. With the help of the internet and the latest communication technology, the calling system updated a lot to help people calling internationally and locally as well. 

The use of this type of application has grown so much that you have already used one of them.

If you’re not already using a free method, we’ll suggest you select either WhatsApp or Skype. Both are the leaders of these free international call-making apps. 

However, make sure you’re on a good internet connection. The internet service can be wifi or mobile data, just make sure your speed is fast. 

We’re not covering the process or guide on how you can be able to make a call via WhatsApp or Skype. You can search online or watch youtube videos to know the process. 

What’s the Cheapest Method of Calling Ecuador From US?

Now Cheap international calling method means a VOIP service like Bossrevolution or Rebtel. Although apps like Viber and Skype also offer the same features. 

The only thing you can do is select one of them and go to the main process. If you ask for the best and trusted one, we would like to recommend you Skype or Bossrevolution. 

In your Skype account, you can buy the Skype international calling plans or buy some international calling credits to reach your Ecuador-living loved one.

Once you have any purchased plans or credits, you can simply go to the Skype dial pad and search Ecuador. Once you select the country from the search bar, the basic calling format will be automatically included. 

You will then need to type the local number of the person and start the conversation at a cheap rate. 

How to Use Bossrevolution for an International Call in Ecuador? 

How To Call Ecuador From US
How To Call Ecuador From US

The process would be like a normal app. The biggest advantage of using the Bossrevolution app is you’ll get $2 as a bonus to call an international or local number for the first time when registering. 

Here’s a brief guide:

  • Download the Bossrevolution app and register. 
  • After registering, you’ll get $2 as a bonus. 
  • Add your recipient number on your phone’s contact by following the internet format.
  • Select the number from the Bossrevolution app. 
  • Start the conversation.

How to Use Rebtel for an international call? 

  • Download the Rebtel app and open an account by confirming your phone number. 
  • Set your profile with your name, profile image, address (Optional).
  • Purchase a monthly international calling package or an unlimited subscription. 
  • Add the number you want to call on your phone contact and select the same number from the Rebtel app to call (Must follow the international format, first, the country code 593 and the number).
  • Enjoy the call. 

What country code is 593?

593 is the country code of Ecuador that is mainly used when receiving outside calls or sending outside calls. This code is also known as IDD (International Direct Dial) code. 

How many digits are in an Ecuador phone number?

The Ecuador numbers are 7-digits. However, if you would like to call an Ecuador number from outside of that country, you have to dial an 11-digits number including the IDD code and the area code.


Want to call Ecuador from the US location? Then all you need to do is follow the whole article on how to call Ecuador from US. The calling format and shared information will make the calling process much easier. 

In addition to using the first method, you’re always open to using the free calling methods as well. However, you need to have a good internet line to make a high-quality video and audio call. 

On the other hand, cheap ways are now the trending methods. People use these ways to save money and time.

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