How To Call Dubai From USA – Know the Free methods and More

Dubai is a city in the United Arab Emirates known worldwide as the center of luxury and the heart of the rich, but if you want to call Dubai from the US, so many options can confuse you!

Because we’re living in the age of digitalization where everything is in our hands, making an international call is just a matter of time. 

But if you’re looking for a guide on how to call Dubai from USA, and you want the process to be free and cheap, hold on and read the full guide here!

Here, in this article, you’ll see a useful guide on how you can call Dubai via your handset or landline ( charge applicable ).

At the end of this guide, we’ll also share some alternative and free internet-based apps that offer international free video and audio calling benefits!

How To Call Dubai From USA Via Mobile To Mobile Number?

Before calling, you must know some basic but required information such as the US exit code, the Dubai country and city codes, the mobile number of the person you’re going to call, and finally, the international calling format!

We have done most of the researches for you, and below listed the needed information: 

  • US exit code (011)
  • The Dubai country code (971)
  • The Dubai city code (4)
  • To get the mobile number, ask the recipient to get their local mobile number, but if he/she uses a landline, then get the landline number and note it down. After this guide, we’ll share that you can call a landline also!

International Calling Formats For Calling Dubai From The USA:

For MobileFor Landline
011 + 971 + 7-digits mobile number011 + 971 + 4 (Area Code)+ Landline Number

Now hold your mobile phone and open the dial pad and follow the guide below:

  • Since you’re calling from the US, dial the US exit code (011)
  • Without any space, dial the Dubai country code (971)
  • After that, you’re calling a mobile number, and you don’t need to dial any area code, rather dial the recipient’s mobile number directly.
  • Press the calling icon and wait for a few moments to connect the call. 
  • Enjoy! 

Calling Dubai From The US To A Landline Number:

  • First, dial the US exit code
  • Dial the Dubai country code 
  • After 971, dial the area code of Dubai city (4)
  • After the area code, directly dial the landline number of the person. 
  • And call!

How Can I Call Dubai From the USA For Free?

Dubai is always serious about its citizen’s privacy, and that’s the only point why most of the popular internet-based applications are not permitted in this country, but without some major apps, some amazing apps are permitted in Dubai!

So when it comes to finding the best and free ways to call Dubai from the USA, you may have a lot of options. The most popular available apps permitted in this country are Zoom and Google Hangout. 

Although there are many more apps besides these, as we promised, we’ll only show you the free and quick solution to your issue. 

Zoom: The primary use of this app is making lag-free video conferences. However, you can also use the app to call a person. 

But the only problem with this app is that it only allows you to make under 40 minutes for free. Calling with someone more than 40 minutes will require upgrading the free version to a pro plan.

Anyway, assuming you can complete your conversation in under 40 minutes and if you need more, then upgrade to their premium plan. 

Here’s how you can make a call: 

  • First, go to the official site of Zoom here through your web browser. 
  • At the top of the header, click on the signup.
  • The registration form will ask you to input your date of birth. Click on the continue button after completing this. 
  • Now enter your email address and hit the signup button.
  • You’ll get a confirmation link in your email inbox, so check the mail and click on the link to verify your zoom account. 
  • Now you have to input the remaining details like your account password, first name, last name. 
  • After doing these, click on continue. 
  • If everything goes well, you can now be able to invite your Dubai living friend or family member via their email address. 
  • You can skip this step on your web because you can invite people from the app. So download the app based on your device system since the app is available for multiple devices and operating systems. 
  • Invite your recipient via their email address, and once the request is accepted, you can start making video meetings and send messages for free. But remember that you’ll have only 40 minutes for free!

Note: Your recipient must also have a zoom account.

Google Hangout: It’s a Google-powered free and lightweight video and audio calling app available. This app is also known as a conferencing app. But there was a time when the app was prohibited in Dubai, but now it’s permitted. 

Here’s how you can call with Google Hangout for free to Dubai from the USA: 

You can use the service in several ways, from your browser, mobile app, or chrome extension. So the decision is yours! For this guide, we will show you the process in a web browser! 

  • Open your favourite browser and go to this URL (The official site of google hangout). 
  • Log in to the service by providing your Gmail address. If you don’t have any Gmail created yet, create one and then follow the guide. 
  • Assuming you have successfully logged into Google Hangout, look at the left side. You’ll see a + button where you can input your recipient Gmail address to invite.
  • So type your recipient Gmail and send an invitation.

Call Dubai From USA

Note: To use this service for free, your recipients will need to have a Gmail address. 

  • After sending the invitation, the recipient will get a confirmation notification in his inbox. If he or she accepts the invitation, you both will be able to start sending messages and high-quality video and audio calls for free of cost, and it’s unlimited!

If you’re living in Dubai, the information listed below may come in handy for you!

Emergency Police Number999
Non-Emergency Police Number901
Call For an Ambulance in Dubai City 998
Call For Fire Services 997
Call For Coast Guard996

The Questions You May Ask! 

How Do I Call A Dubai Number?

To call the Dubai number, first, dial your country exit code, dial 971, and finally, dial the local number of the person who lives in Dubai.

What is the international code for Dubai?

To dial not only in Dubai but also in all countries, you have first to dial your country’s exit code. The international code for Dubai is 971.

Can you call Dubai on Whatsapp?

Yes, but since WhatsApp is currently blocked in Dubai due to some privacy-related issues, you have to use VPN to use WhatsApp.

How can I call Dubai from the USA for free

The only way of calling Dubai from the US is by using some internet-based calling apps such as Facebook Messenger, Zoom, Google Hangout, and so on!

Can you make phone calls to Dubai?

Yes, you can use your phone to call in Dubai, but the call will be charged applicable, to call, follow the format ( Your country code + 971 + Recipient’s Mobile number )

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We’re almost finished with the guide on How To Call Dubai From USA. However, we’re confident that our shared guide helped you learn about the international calling format to call Dubai from your country. 

Since we’re leading a life in the internet world where almost everything is possible for free, making an international call is not something big!

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