How to Call Dubai from UK? The Best Free Method

Are you facing confusion when learning How to call Dubai from the UK? Don’t feel confused because there are so many options to do that.

In my previous articles, I’ve shown a lot of guides on how to call internationally and locally as well.

However, this particular guide is going to show you the exact process of calling a Dubai number from the UK with the help of modern technologies.

How to Call Dubai from the UK?

How To Call Dubai From UK

Do you want to reach a landline or mobile number in Dubai? You have to follow an international calling format based on that thing, meaning knowing the number.

Your Dubai recipient could use either a landline number or a mobile number. Once you know the number, you can follow the instruction below:

To reach a landline number in Dubai from the UK:

How to call a landline number in Dubai from the UK

  • 00 + 971 + Area Code + Landline Number

To call a mobile number in Dubai from the UK:

How to call a mobile number in Dubai from the UK

  • 00 + 971 + Mobile Number

What Data Have I Used Above?

As you can see, I used a lot of additional information when making the guide, you may have some questions about what data I used to make the call, right?

00971Area CodeMobile/Landline
00 is the international direct dialing code for the UK, meaning when a user from the UK wants to call outside of that country, that user will be required to dial 00 in the first step.971 is the country code for Dubai (UAE). This code is mainly used when receiving and sending calls inside and outside of the country.When a user wants to make an international call to a landline number in Dubai from any country, that user will need to dial an area code before typing the country code and after the landline number.The mobile number in Dubai is 8-9 digits long, and the landline number is 10 digits long.

Note: When you want to reach a mobile number, you will not need to find or dial the area code. Area code is only required for a landline call in Dubai from the UK.

There are three area codes in Dubai, these are:

  • Abu Dhabi (2)
  • Dubai (4)
  • Al Ain (3)

Let’s see some additional international calling methods to make the process free, meaning you can make the complete process cost-free.

What Is The Cheapest Way to Call Dubai From the UK?

The cheapest way means a method that will allow you to complete the calling process with less money.

The cheapest calling method to call Dubai from Uk is a VoIP service. You can get the best VoIP service by doing some research and once you select a service, you can easily follow the guides offered by the company and start a cheap call.

Some of the most popular VoIP services are Skype, Viber, Google Voice, and Rebtel. You can find them online and use their app based on your device.

How to Call Dubai from the UK Free:

You can use WhatsApp to make calls to any country in the world. But I’m suggesting WhatsApp as the fast option doesn’t mean that this is the only app that can be used as a free calling method.

In addition to WhatsApp, people rely on apps like Skype, Google Hangouts, WeChat, Line, FaceApp (Most popular among Apple device users), IMO, BIP, and Viber.

It doesn’t matter which app are you going to pick. The matter is you have to make sure that your currently connected internet connection is strong enough to handle a good connection between two apps.

Since the free app will work via the internet, so a strong internet is required. Once you have an app installed on your phone, you will need to connect your recipient with your profile.

I know you’re already familiar with such an app and using one of the mentioned apps. So get the advantages of your experience with such types of apps and start a clear conversation without paying a single dollar.

What to Consider Before Calling Dubai from the UK?

You’re going to make an international call, not a local one. So there are some points that need to be marked.

Here are some points I have highlighted so that you can get a little idea of what things you should consider before calling Dubai from the UK.

What Time Zone Do You Live In?

According to dubai-online, Dubai is 3 hours ahead of the United Kingdom. So when you try to make the call, make sure that you’re dialing the number at the best time so that your recipient can pick up the call.

For example, if you’re from the UK, and the time in your country is 5 PM, it will be 2 PM in Dubai.

The Charge for the Call:

Calling charges is always an important thing when it comes to making an international call.

The fees will depend on your service provider. You can get a discount if you do a little bit of research online.

Check all the available SIM service providers and ask them for any discount. Most companies offer huge discounts to grab customers.

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Final Words:

So what are you thinking? Is it too hard to learn how to call Dubai from the UK, Or too much easy than your imagination?

If you haven’t done it before, it may feel something like a little hard thing to do. However, after reading this guide, you should know how easy the process is.

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