How To Call Cuba From USA? Cuba Country Codes & More

Are you living in the United States and facing issues when calling Cuba? Although the process might be sometimes confusing as there are so many ways to follow.

Don’t lose your hope because here we have answered the question of how to call Cuba from USA and also shared some free and cheap methods to call Cuba from your country.

Knowing the international call format of calling Cuba from the US is not enough for a successful call. Rather, information like the Cuba country code, the US exit code, the area code in Cuba is also required.

How To Call Cuba From USA?

To call a Cuba number from US, dial the US exit code first (011), then dial the country code for Cuba (53), after that, dial the area code in Cuba where your recipient is living and finally, dial the local number of the person you want to call.

Important Facts To Consider Before Making Any Call To Cuba From The Us: 

Remember that since you’re calling from the US, you need to have enough balance on your phone, and as you know, an international call is always more costly than any local call. 

So we always suggest our readers know the calling rate from their local mobile number operators. 

Following the international calling format with all the information is required, meaning if you miss any of this information, your call will not be sent to your recipient, and your time will be wasted. 

Remember that the area code in Cuba is 1-4 digits long, and the country code is 2-digits long. You can see the table below where we have shared some of the most popular cities in Cuba with their area codes. 

Since there is no time difference between Cuba and the US, you can call your Cuba-living recipient when you feel better. 

How to Make a Free Call To Cuba From USA? 

The world is now full of the internet, and its power makes our life easier and effective. The consequence of the authority of the internet is playing a fundamental role in contributing a timeless and free communication system. 

When it comes to calling Cuba from the US, you may want to use some internet-based applications like WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook Messenger. The good news is that all of these apps are completely free to use and easy. 

We’ll only share a brief focus on making a free call to Cuba from the US via Viber for this guide. 

Such an app works by following a method named peer-to-peer process, meaning you and your recipient will need to use the same application to make a connection with the help of the internet connection. 

Free Calls To Cuba From US Via Viber:

First, download the Viber app from Google Play Store. You can also download the app for your Windows computer or Mac from their official website.

Before opening an account, save your recipient number by following the international call format on your phone with the recipient’s name. 

How To Call Cuba From the USA Free
How To Call Cuba From the USA Free

Another way of doing the same is first opening an account and saving the number from the app. You have two options. 

  • Go your contact and dial 53 + Area code of the person + local number.
  • Save the number with a name. 
  • Open the app and create an account. 
  • Verify the number. 
  • Go to contact on Viber, scroll down, find the saved number, and click on it to open the recipient’s profile.

Note: email your recipient to follow the same procedure, meaning installing the app, creating an account, and saving your number too. 

  • If your recipient has already followed the process and created an account, you will see the profile. From there, you can make a free audio and video call for unlimited time. 

Cuba Country Code and Area Codes:

The country code of Cuba is 53 and since there are many area codes, follow the table below: 

No Cities Area Codes
1 Camaguey 32
2 Ciudad Habana 7
3 Ciego Avila 33
4 Holguin 24
5 Las Tunas 31
6 Matanzas 45
7 Sancti Spiritus 41
8 Villa Clara 42
9 Granma 23


How to make a cheap call to Cuba From USA?

The cheap call to Cuba from the US can be done using a third-party calling service like Rebtel. This app is currently a widely popular, affordable calling app that is easy to use. 

You have to download their app. The Rebtel app is available on two platforms, Google play store, and Apple Store. They have some unlimited deals on their international calling plans. You can consider them.

Assuming you have downloaded it and created a Rebtel account, follow the rest of the way.

Important: when you save your recipient number on the Rebtel app, you’ll need to save the number with international country code and format.

Can I call Cuba with WhatsApp?

Yes. WhatsApp will be the go-to solution for all kinds of free high-quality audio or video calls. You can call Cuba with WhatsApp by inviting your recipient, and once the recipient accepts it and uses the same app, you’ll be able to connect.

How much does it cost to call Cuba from USA?

You have two various options, free and paid. However, the cost will depend on your service provider. If you use any free international communicating app like WhatsApp or Viber, the entire process will be charge-free. 

How Do I Call A Mobile In Cuba?

To call a mobile in Cuba, you can directly dial the 5-7 digits local phone number if you’re from Cuba. But in the case of an international call, dial your country code + Cuba Country Code + Cuba Area Code + The Local Number in Cuba.


The shared three methods are the most common ways to answer your question of how to call Cuba from USA. Following one of the methods will save time and money too. 

But the first method will charge a lot because that way doesn’t require any internet access, but since your phone’s operator will manage the process, you have to pay them per minute.

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