How To Call China From USA? Paid and Free Ways!

You’re a person who has someone in China, right? The only way to reach the person is by calling via your phone or landline. 

So if you’re searching for an article on how to call China from US, this whole post can be a useful place where you can learn the complete process of calling someone in China. 

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How to Call China From USA? 

You’re not going to make a local call where dialling the number is enough. You’re thinking about calling an international number. So you’ll need to follow some steps and also require some information for a successful call. 

What You’ll Need To Make An International Call To China From US? 

  • IDD Code: The first and required information is the IDD code for your country and the other country you want to make the call. IDD stands for international direct dial code. 

Every country has a unique country code that is used when receiving or sending an international call. In the case of China, the country code would be 86. 

On the other hand, you’ll also need to know the US IDD code (011). Remember, if you’re not from the US and want to make a call to China, search online to know your country code.

Visit the site to see your country code

  • Area Code: An area code is mostly used when you want to call a landline number as the number works based on an area number. 

Area code is not required if you want to call a mobile number in China. However, when calling a landline number from outside of China, you must dial an area code before dialling the landline number. 

For example, the 10 is the area code for Beijing. If your recipient is living in another city in China, you can either ask them to tell the code with the landline number or search online to find the area code. 

  • Calling Rate: Since it’s an international call, the rate might be a little bit expensive. The best way to know the rate is contacting your SIM service provider. 

It’s always the best decision to know the rate before making the call because once you know the rate, you can get an idea and load balance according to your needs. 

  • Time Difference: Time is one of the considerable things when it comes to an international call because the time is not equal for every country at the same time. 

Tell your recipient to be ready when you call. You can get help from your gmail to tell the news.

What’s The Practical Way to Call China From US?

  • Open your mobile phone and go to the dial pad. 
  • Dial 011 first.
  • After that, dial the IDD code for China (86). 
  • Dial a 2 or 3-digits area code after 86 if you want to call a landline number (an area code is not required for calling a mobile number in China).
  • Finish the calling process by dialing the landline or local mobile number in China. 

Can I Use Skype To Call China?

As an international calling and messaging app, Skype is considered one of the most popular apps in China. Although Chinese people use apps developed by their country’s developers or companies.

Due to the audio and video quality, Skype is trembling the market. People often prefer Skype because the app is completely free and easy to use.

To use Skype as a calling app, you can go with two ways, free and cheap methods. The free method is completely charge-free. However, your recipient and you both will be required to use Skype at the same time to make a connection. 

On the other hand, the paid method is quite easy to use and the rate is cheap. After purchasing some credits, you can simply dial your recipient number from the Skype dial pad and directly make a call.

How Much Does It Cost To Call China From Us?

This is such a dynamic query and the answer will depend on the method you use to make the call. For example, if you use the direct calling method via your phone, the price will be relatively higher than other methods. 

The whole calling process can be free if you use apps like Skype or WhatsApp. On the other hand, VOIP services like Ooma and 8×8 offer the cheapest calling opportunity for their users.

How Can I Call China From the USA For Free?

As you’re reading the complete, you may already notice that we have mentioned the free methods of calling China from the US. some websites can guide you to follow their dialling format to make a free call to China from US, don’t follow them.

Remember, an international call will be expensive if you use your cell phone and directly dial the country code, area code, and number. You’ll only be able to make a free call once you use an internet-based app like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, ETC.

How Can I Talk To Someone In China?

To talk to someone in China, you can go to that country and talk to someone face to face. However, if you’re from another country and want to reach China, simply dial the number of the person you wish to reach. 

Open your phone and dial your country code, then dial the country code of China (86). After that, dial the area code of the person in China. Finally, dial the landline number (to call a mobile number, there is no need to dial area code).

How Do I Call China On Whatsapp?

WhatsApp is also a well-known social calling and messaging app in China. To call a china number on WhatsApp, you have to save the number on your phone contact by following the international number saving format.

To save the number, first, dial a + symbol and then dial the Chinese country code (86), finally, dial the number and save it.

Go back to your WhatsApp profile > Contact to find the number. Click on it to open the profile. Check whether the recipient is online or not. If you notice the online status is on, start an audio or video call for free!


There is a huge difference between calling an international number and a local number. So every time you want to make an international call, you must follow some basic steps and need some required information. 

So when you ask how to call China from US, the answer would not be exceptional. You have to follow the exact steps as we showed in the guide today.

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