How to Call Brazil From USA? Calls to Brazil Quickly!

Brazil is 7,118.51 km away from the US, and if anyone wants to meet a Brazil-living person from the US, it can take a lot of time to travel and meet together, and that’s why people ask How to Call Brazil From USA. 

So if you’re wondering what will be the process and how to get started to make a call to Brazil for free or at a cheap rate, here’s we have everything for you. 

We have managed the article in such a way with all the examples so that you can 

instantly follow the guide and start calling from Today to your loved ones in Brazil.

How to Call Brazil From USA?

Before you call, you’ll need to understand the phone number structure of Brazil, what country codes and how they are used in international calling, the exit code in the US, and the proper format of making a successful call at a cheap rate. 

Number Structure in Brazil

Phone numbers in Brazil start with nine, and the length of every local phone number is 9-digit that also contains a two-digit area code. For example, the phone number will look like this: 

Area Code + 9 + XXXX XXXX.

On the other hand, if you want to know the format of a landline number in Brazil, you’ll see a landline number that starts with an area code, then the rest will be an 8-digit number. For example:

Area Code + 8-digit numbers

Country Code in Brazil For International Calls:

The country code of Brazil is 55. Not only for Brazil but whenever you want to make a call internationally, you’ll be required to use the country code of the country you wish to call.

International Calling Rates (Brazil From The US)

Since there are many options to follow, the rate will depend on the service you will use. For example, if you use the service from your local phone number service provider, you can ask the provider to know the rate. 

Note: such a service will cost a lot compared to others because you’ll need to bear the calling rate and tax.

If you want to use an app like Rebtel or Skype to call Brazil from the US, the rate will be comparatively lower because the system will work through the internet. 

Another free option that can be used when making the call is using some free apps like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Google Duo, etc. these apps are completely free to use and easy.

Calling Brazil From US Via Cell Phone:

  • Open your cell phone and dial the US exit code (011).
  • Dial the country code for Brazil (55).
  • Then dial the 2-digit area code in Brazil (ask your Brazil-living recipient to tell you the area code via email or if you know the city name, search in Google).
  • After the area code is dialled, dial the person’s 9-digit long local phone number. Don’t dial 0 at the beginning.

The final result would be: 011 + 55 + Area Code + Phone Number

Cheap Calling Method to Call Brazil From United States:

Do you know the inexpensive way of calling Brazil from the US? The first available option might be Skype or Rebtel. Skype has mainly two options, and one is free while the other is a charge applicable. 

Call Brazil From the US Via Skype
Call Brazil From the US Via Skype

If you want to use Skype for free, you and your recipient must use the same app. But if you buy some international or plan, you’ll be able to get your recipient’s local number, meaning your recipient will not need to install Skype and use it. 

The process of buying Skype credits is quite easy. You need to have a dual-currency-supported card to buy them, and once you purchase some credit, you can open the dial pad from Skype, dial the local Brazilian number, and call!

How Can I Call Brazil From USA For Free?

We have published so many posts on making a free call internationally. But when it comes to calling Brazil from the US for free, the clear-cut answer would be WhatsApp as the app is popular in the US, and about 93% of Brazilian users actively use the same app. 

How do you call Brazil from WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is one of those apps that allow a completely free solution of making international and local calls. Before calling a Brazilian number from WhatsApp, you’ll need to add the number of the person you want to reach.

To add the number with proper format, follow the guide below: 

  • Go to your phone’s contact and dial + first. 
  • Dial the country code of Brazil, which is 55. 
  • Then dial the 9-digit phone number and save it with your recipient’s name.
  • Go to WhatsApp and click on contact to see the saved number to make a call. 

What to Consider Before Calling Brazil from the US? 

Time is one of the important things to consider when making an international call. Since the centre of Brazil is three hours ahead of the centre of the US, if you call someone in Brazil at 11:00 PM from the US, the recipient might sleep.

Another important thing is to check your internet balance before using WhatsApp for free calling because if you don’t have MB, the call will charge your principal balance.

Final Words: 

The shared calling methods are 100% working to follow one of these ways. The first method will charge a lot while the second method will save a lot of money, and the last method will help you complete the entire calling process free of charge. 

We suggest that you follow the last method if you have a strong internet connection and a smartphone.

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