(Free Method) How To Call Belgium From US?

Do you have any idea on how to call Belgium from US? Undoubtedly, most people don’t know how to make an international call in Belgium from the US as it requires some data. 

However, if you follow this guide, you’ll be able to make such a call without getting any help from an expert. 

We have shared 3 methods to make the call to have multiple options to go with. One might cost a lot, while another will save money time. 

So it is recommended to explore the entire guide before you decide. At the end of the article, you’ll see how to make a free call to Belgium from the Uniate States. 

What You Have To Know Before Making The Call? 

How To Call Belgium From The USA
How To Call Belgium From The USA

Listen, you’re going to make an international call, not local. So knowing some basic yet required information such as country codes, area codes, mobile codes, and mobile numbers are essential. 

The Information That Are Needed:

  • The US Country Code: 011 is the US exit/country code required when a user wants to make a call in another country. 
  • Belgium Country Code: 32 is the country code for Belgium, and like the US country code, it is also required when a user from the US wants to connect a call to Belgium. 
  • Area Code: Area codes are only required when you want to call a landline number, not a local mobile number. There are multiple area codes in Belgium based on its city. For example, 2 is for Brussels, which is the capital of Belgium. 


First, know where your recipient is currently living in Belgium and what type of service they are currently using. They might use either a landline service or a local mobile number service. Ask the recipient to know the area codes.

  • Mobile Code: this code is only needed when a user wants to call a local mobile number. Belgium’s phone number starts with 04. 

When you ask for the number from your receiver, make sure you’ve got a 9-digits mobile number, including the mobile code. 

On the other hand, the landline number in Belgium should be 8-digits long, including the area codes. 

How To Call Belgium From US (To a Mobile Number)?

  • Open your phone and dial the US country code (011).
  • Dial the country code for Belgium (32). 
  • After 32, dial the real phone number of your recipient, including the mobile code. 

Note: Since you’re from the US and trying to reach a mobile number in Belgium, you don’t need to enter 0 before 4. Instead, dial the entire mobile after Belgium without dialing 0.

How To Call Belgium From US (To A Landline Number)?

  • Dial 011 on your dial pad. 
  • Then dial the country code for Belgium (32). 
  • After that, dial the area code (The best way to find area codes is to search online by the city name in Belgium). 
  • Finally, dial the rest of the landline number, and hit the calling icon. 

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Call To Belgium From the US? 

So far, we have seen the traditional method of calling an international from the US. Such s method costs a lot as your local phone service provider manages the call. 

If you don’t know how much the call will charge from you when making a call in Belgium, directly ask the service provider or search online by the name of your service provider. 

How to Save Money On a Belgium Call From US? 

It is impossible to reduce the cost of an international call by using the traditional method. You have to convert to the latest technology-supported methods. 

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service is one of the revolutions in this digital age. Such services will allow you to cut down a good amount of money on your international calling plans. 

These services are not only good for international calls, but also you can use them for local calls too. However, in most cases, people use them for international purposes. 

When you have such service and call a person’s phone number, the call will be sent from a random number generated by the system. 

Some of the reliable and reputed VoIP service providers are: 

  • Rebtel
  • Viber 
  • Skype
  • Nextiva
  • Aircall
  • Ooma
  • 8×8

Apart from the mentioned services, you may also find an endless service providers list. But all of these may not be good for your needs. 

Since you’re a single person who is wrestling to find a reliable and budget-friendly VoIP service to call in Belgium from the US, we’ll suggest you go either with Skype or Viber. 

Skype and Viber are the most suitable for a single person. All you need to make a successful call is simply 

  • Download the app
  • Create an account
  • Buy one of their current offering international calling plans
  • Dial the number from the app’s dial pad
  • Hit the calling icon

Can I Call Belgium From US For Free? 

Free calls are now a matter of time. Having a smartphone and a good internet connection means you’re almost done with a free call. 

Everyone now has a smartphone and an internet connection. Especially there is no lack of internet in the US and Belgium. 

According to research, over 91.5% of the population in Belgium uses the internet daily. On the other hand, over 89.4% of the population in the US uses the internet. 

So using the internet for a free call can be a good way to save money on an international call. 

Once you have the internet and a smartphone, the next thing you will need is an app that offers a free calling facility. 

Apps like WhatsApp, IMO, Google Duo, and Viber offer free calling opportunities for their users. No matter where you are from and which internet service you are using to run the app, you’ll get the same benefits as other users get. 

You may ask that the VoIP service also needs an internet connection. Yes, it requires. However, the calling formula is the primary difference between a free calling app and a VoIP service. 

The VoIP service works by converting your conversation into a digital signal and sending it over the internet, while the Free calling apps work by following the Peer-to-peer formula. 

If you would like to use a peer-to-peer app like WhatsApp or Viber, you and your recipient will be required to use the same app for a successful connection. 

Assuming you have selected Viber for the call, then follow the guide below:

How To Call Belgium From The US
How To Call Belgium From The US
  • Download the Viber app on your smartphone.
  • Register on the app using your phone number. 
  • Verify the account. 
  • Save your recipient number on your phone following the internet number saving method. 
  • Open the Viber app, go to the contact section, and find the number. 
  • Could you open it and press a call? 

Note: Before you follow the guide, tell your recipient to follow the same guidelines and open an account using their phone number. 

My Final Opinion on an international Call To Belgium

Listen, you now have multiple options due to the internet. Some charge a lot, while other options can save time and money. 

What our guide on how to call Belgium from US can do is only show you some methods, not more than that. You need to check each method and find the most suitable way. 

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