How To Call Belarus From USA? The Right Format is Here!

You might have friends or family members in Belarus and that’s why you’re asking the question, how to call Belarus from USA, right? 

Well, believe it or not, calling a Belarus-living recipient is a matter of time if you know the proper format and the international calling procedures. 

In this guide, I will be showing the accurate format and the required information that needed to make the call successfully. 

How To Call Belarus From USA?

How To Call Belarus From USA
How To Call Belarus From USA


To call a mobile number: Dial 011 + 375 + dial the 9-digits phone number. And to dial a landline number in Belarus from US: dial 011 + 375 + dial the area code + the landline number. 

The already shared brief guide will save your time. However, if you don’t know what information you’ll need to know before calling, you can read the rest of the guide. 

Information You Need to Make the Call:

Remember that you’re on the way to making an international call that is also considered an outside call. So there is some additional data you’ll need to dial before calling the phone number. 

These are the following information

Country Code You’ll need to know the country codes for both countries. The US country code is 011, and 375 is the country code for Belarus.
Area/Mobile Code Area codes are required when you would like to reach a landline number and mobile codes are required when you want to call a mobile number.
Mobile Number The mobile number in Belarus is 9-digits long.
Landline Number The landline number in Belarus is 7-digits long.

Note: All the data that you’re seeing in the table above is required for the call. If you forget to dial the right format with the code, your call will be automatically rejected by the company you’re using for the task. 

Good to know that you know the right area code of the city where your recipient is currently living as there are 122 area codes in Belarus. 

If you have only got the landline number or a mobile number, you can simply search online to know the area code and mobile code based on the city or mobile service provider name in Belarus. 

Assuming you have got all the information from your recipient. Follow the practical guide below to know the subject well. 

Calling a Landline Number in Belarus From USA: 

Step #1: You can use your cell phone or smartphone for the job, it doesn’t matter. Open the dial pad, and dial the country code for the USA in the first section (011).

Step #2: After dialing 011, dial the Belarus country code (375). 

Step #3: Now dial the area code. However, make sure the area code you’re going to dial is accurate and based on the city your receiver is currently living in. 

Step #4: Dial the Landline number. Make sure the number is properly formatted with the area code. 

Step #5: If everything goes well, find the calling icon and press on it to start the conversation. 

Calling a Mobile Number in Belarus From USA:

Step #1: Open your phone and dial the US country code which is also considered exit code for an international call. 

Step #2: After that, dial the mobile code of the service provider your recipient is using. Your recipient should give you the mobile code with the number. So ask the recipient when getting it. 

Step #3: Then, dial the mobile number and hit the calling icon to finish the calling process. 

Before Calling: 

  • Know the rate of the call as the call might be expensive. 
  • Make sure you have enough balance on your phone before calling. 
  • Make sure your phone has enough charge. 

Why International calls expensive?

The price of international calls is expensive because the phone companies have to pay for the use of international phone lines and the government charges taxes from the companies.

These phone lines are used to connect callers in different countries. The phone companies also have to pay for the equipment that is used to connect the callers.

How to Make a Free Call to Belarus USA?

Making free calls is now nothing more than installing an app on your phone. There are a lot of companies that offer free applications for different platforms to let people make international and local calls. 

Some free international calling apps are:

WhatsApp: offers free international calls and messaging with other WhatsApp users. A lightweight and widely available popular place for those who want a completely free solution to save money on international calls. 

Viber: Offers free international calls and messaging with other Viber users. However, they also have VoIP service that people can use to call a non-viber user, meaning from Viber to directly a phone number. 

Skype: offers free international and local calls and message sending features with other Skype users. Like Viber, Skype also offers voice-over-internet-protocol service at the best price range. 

Facebook Messenger: One of the most popular social platforms that let people do multiple things including posting, commenting, liking, sharing, calling, messaging, etc. 

Telecommunication system in Belarus

According to my research, the telecommunication technology in Belarus is considered one of the most improved systems in Eastern Europe. 

You’ll notice that Belarus has the latest conversation environment, including an extensive network of fixed-line telephone services, a mobile-cellular telephone system, and a satellite ground station. 

The telephone network in this country is the most improved in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). 

The network consists of a trunk network and a local network. The trunk network uses both digital and analogue technology to ensure a better user experience and develop the overall network performance.

The Final Message: 

How to call Belarus from US is one of the most common questions asked by most US-living people who have someone in Belarus. 

You can spend your money to reach the person or make it completely free by following my guide from todays’ post. 

In order to call Belarus from the United States, you will need to dial 011 first, followed by the country code 375, and then the phone number you wish to reach.

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