How To Call Argentina From US? The Easiest Ways

Are you living in the USA and want to call any of your friends or family who live in Argentina? If yes, you deserve the answer to this question of how to call Argentina from US

Although there are many options available nowadays to connect with people around the world, as an ideal person, you may want to use the easiest ways. 

Here in this comprehensive guide, we’re going to cover a well-researched post where you’ll be able to learn several topics such as calling Argentina, how to dial Argentina from the USA, and so on!

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How To Call Argentina From US?

Calling Argentina from the US is not a complicated job. Before making a call, you need to check the difference in the time between the US and Argentina, the US country exit code, and the Argentine country code.

In addition to checking these important things, you also have to know the right dialling format. 

How To Call Argentina From US For Free
How To Call Argentina From the US For Free

The Ways of Calling Argentina From The US:

This age of ours is called the era of globalization, So now it is normal to have many ways to communicate.

There are two different paths is available:

  • Call via a landline or cell phone
  • And call using internet-powered apps or website

As the first method, we’ll prioritize the core calling system (Calling via Cell Phone). After this, we’ll show you some alternative ways that you can follow if you have internet access. 

How to Call Argentina From The US Via A Cell Phone? 

Due to the availability of the internet, people are no longer using this method as before. But even if it is traditional, you should know because you can use this method when you do not have internet access.

Step #1: Open your cell phone, and since you’re from the US, you have to input your country’s exit code in your phone (011 is for the US). 

Note: A country code is a must when a user wants to make calls from his country to another

Step #2: Once you have dialled your country code, the next step is to input the Argentina country code. This step is also required to make the call. 

Good to say that the country code for Argentina is 54. Since you’re going to make the call via a cell phone, you have to input nine after the Argentina country code 

Point to note: There are many areas in Argentina and different codes need to be used for each area when making a call. So you need to know the area of the person you are going to call and use the code of that area. 

For example, we selected Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, and the area code is 11. You can search Google for area codes for different cities in Argentina.

Step #3:  dial the area code after the country code of Argentina. If everything goes well, it’s time to input the local number of Argentina. 

Local numbers in Argentina are usually eight digits. This is the last step when you want to call Argentina from the US. 

Calling Argentina From US Via Social Media
Calling Argentina From US Via Social Media

Making Call to Argentina From The US Via Internet:

As mentioned and can understand by looking at the current situation, making a call via the internet is just a matter of time.

You need to use an application, and whatever the application is, the work is the same. 

For this guide, we’ll share the top three messaging and calling applications, and all of them are widely popular for making calls and sending messages worldwide for free of cost. 

Facebook Messenger: 

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms used by billions of users worldwide. Messenger is a part of Facebook that allows users to make calls and send text, video, and audio messages.

Making calls from the messenger app requires having a smartphone and internet access and a Facebook account, and the person you are going to call must also have a Facebook account. 

It would help if you were friends with each other on Facebook before you could call. Once you. When you become friends with each other on Facebook, install the Messenger app and log in with the same username and password.

After logging in, click on the friend or family member you will call in Argentina from the list. Facebook Messenger will allow you to make video and audio calls as well. 

Only data from your mobile will be applicable for this call, or if you use wifi, you can complete the whole process for free.

Calls to Argentina from the United States via WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is another internet-based calling and messaging application owned by Facebook now. All you need to do is install the app and log into it with your phone number. 

Ask the person you want to call in Argentina to follow the same procedure. Then you send an invite message or save the phone number of the person living in Argentina on your phone, then you’ll be able to see the person’s number with his name. 

Just tap the name and start your conversation! Like Facebook messenger, WhatsApp also allows making video and audio calls for free of cost!

Calls to Argentina from the United States via Google Hangout:

Hangout is a lightweight application that is hugely used for meetings and personal communication. You can use the app via your computer by logging into your Gmail or installing the app on your smartphone.

You have to log into the app using your Gmail address. Tell the person in Argentina to install the app and log into the app using their Gmail address. 

Then send an invitation link via the app. Once you send the link, that person will get the link and will be able to join the call. 


Due to digital technology innovation, making calls is now a common thing, and no need to waste money. 

If you want to call via your cell phone, you will need to pay per minute, which you should not do in this digital era. Instead, try to call with the help of the internet. 

Hope you got some useful answers to your question of How To Call Argentina From US. still facing issues? Comment below, we will try to answer you!

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